We at Vertical Life Church exist for one purpose; to create a church that engages people where they are and leads them to becoming fully developed followers of Jesus Christ.

We are not caught up in denominations or traditions that would dictate how we worship, but are eager to live out six core values.

1. Wholehearted Worship– in the words of the Apostle Paul, “To live is Christ…” We believe the mark of a true Christian is that we hold nothing back to give God glory with all that we are-with our time-skills-passion-and finances.

2. Unyielding Truth-Truth comes from God. We believe that God communicated truth to us through His inspired Word we call the Bible. We don’t try to make the Bible say what we want it to say so we can live and believe how we want to. We seek the Scriptures to see what it says about how we should live and believe and conform to it’s standard with no apologies.

3. Unceasing Prayer-We believe prayer is the conduit to God’s presence and power. We believe when God’s people pray bold, faith-filled prayers, God hears and works miracles on our behalf. We encourage our people to be in constant prayer for one another, our community, our country, and our world.

4. Unrelenting Witness-We believe that one of the main purposes of being a Christian is being a witness for Jesus Christ. Each person is a missionary in their local community to tell those who don’t believe about what Jesus has done for them. We call this living on mission. This mission will not end until Jesus returns, therefore each of us individually should not cease being a witness of the Gospel to those God has placed in our spheres of influence.

5. Intentional community– We believe the church is not a building but a people who live life together for a common purpose. The church was designed to help strengthen and encourage one another as we take our own journey of faith.  As a local faith community, we believe we exist to learn God’s word together, worship God’s Son together, and serve our communities together. We do this by intentionally getting together weekly for worship, small groups, and service  opportunities.

6. Crazy Generosity-We believe that being generous is the way God communicated His love toward us. He was generous by loving us in spite of all we have done in rebellion towards Him. He is generous in the way He blesses those who trust in his Son. He also patterned this type of generosity through the life of Jesus. We know that generosity opens the door to important people, so we are leveraging our wealth to help meet the needs of those in our church, and our community. We do this in order to introduce as many people to Jesus as we can. Because Jesus is the only true source of power for life change here  on earth, and eternal life hereafter!