We at Vertical Life Church believe our kids are incredibly important to Jesus Christ. They are the ones who will carry out our legacy as a faith family for generations to come. We call them our future leaders because we understand that investing in them is important not just for the legacy of Vertical Life Church, but also for their own spiritual growth.

We have 4 groups of focused ministries for kids;

V-Life Pre-K

is our ministry to our youngest children that occurs during our Sunday morning worship experience. We believe its important to begin introducing children to Christ’s love at an early age, so we have invested in an incredible curriculum that does just that called “First Look.” “What Is It? You’re a preschooler, and the world is bursting with newness. Each day is filled with one new discovery after another. Where did that bird come from? Look, the moon is shaped funny tonight! Who thought to color the butterfly like that? First Look is a web-based curriculum that uses engaging activities to introduce preschool children (ages birth to five) to God. First Look gives children a first impression of their heavenly Father and the wonder of His love for each one of them. Check it out above!

V-Life Kids

We have invested in the 252 Basics elementary curriculum for Kids K-5 because we want to give our kids the best foundation we can for their own personal faith journey. This curriculum provides a dynamic learning environment for our kids when they gather for worship each Sunday morning, and also provides take home information (Parent Cue Cards) that help parents carry on the conversation at home. This way it maximizes the learning experience for the children and gives parents tools to lead their families in a Christ centered way. We are so excited to partner with our families to raise our children to be the next generation of world changers! Check it out above!

You can preregister your Pre-k through 5th grade kids here!


V-Life Youth

Is a small group style ministry for Middle School and High School students that meets Sunday mornings @ 10:45 during the worship experience. This Students are dismissed with their teacher after the worship set. Each group is designed for their respected age group to help students navigate their own faith journey and deal with real world issues while at the same time build life-long relationships. We use the curriculum XP3 as part of our strategy to build upon the learning they receive through V-Life Pre-K and V-Life Kids. Check it out above!